Dan and V-mon

Dan (Daniel) Matomiya is the son of Davis Matomiya. He is the oldest of the group he is 10 years old the same age Rika and Tk. Even though he is younger than Taiki. Dan is Taiki's favorite .Dan has a V- mon just like his dad Davis. Davis is kind but he is always calling Aki his. Which just gets him hit on the head. He and Taiki are best friends. People even say they could be brothers. He also has a crush on Rika. But she is always flirting and playing with him. Dan has brown hair and looks like him as a kid. He also wears Tai (Taichi) Kamiya's goggles. He plays soccer and basketball but he is not as good as Taiki and Tk. One day Dan was walking home with V-mon from soccer practice when they were attacked by a Cherrymon. Dan told V-mon to attack and he did with his V- headbutt. But it wasn't that effective. Cherry just attacked again. This time Dan got mad. When he and Taiki were little they promised they would vs each other for best soccer player. Dan would not die here. Then V-mon started to glow. He Digivloved and became Raidramon. Then Dan threw off his goggles and said " go get him". But Cherrymon got mad and took Dan. Raidramon stood in shock but all Dan said was " come on go kick his butt". And Raidramon did as his master commanded. He used shining lightning. Then Cherrymon was gone. Dan fell but on to Raidramon. Raidramon transformed back into V-mon and went to Taiki's house to brag about how he beat Cherrymon. But when he got there he told Taiki. But Taiki just said he best a SkullGreymon. And Dan put his head down and then they went outside to play soccer.

Dan with Davis, V-mon, and Demi V-mon


Taiki and Dan


Dan playing soccer