Izzumi and her family


Izzumi in bed with Poromon

Izzumi Ichijouji she is the daughter of Ken Ichijouji and Yolei Inoue. She has her fathers hair but she is a mini Yolei. Izzumi is feisty, kind, and sincere. Izzumi is partnered with a Poromon. Izzumi has 3 siblings. He cares a lot about them. As a mini Yolei she is always getting into fights with Dan. She is the only one out of her siblings to have black her. She thinks this makes her special. Izzumi likes to do things to show off. One the inside she cares about everyone. She doesn't like to fight like Mimi. She is very afraid of death that is why she doesn't like to fight. But she will to protect her friends. Izzumi found out about Digimon on her 5th birthday. Ken took her to the Digiworld. That is where she got Poromon. She likes to make her father proud because he is a police officer. Izzumi also wants to be like her mother. Izzumi also offers that she has to keep Digimon a secret. Izzumi likes to be a princess. She also has a crush on Jesse. Izzumi had her first battle when she was attacked by Gazemon. They were dot surrounding her. They attacked but Poromon attacked by Digivolving to Hawkmkn then she attacked with feather strike. Two Gazemon were taken out but one was still there then it Digivloved to Gazemon X it then attacked with paralyze breath. After that Hawkomon fell. Izzumi then started yelling at Gazemkn X and Hawkmon Digivolved to Halsemon. Then Hasemon did Pororo Breath. Then Gazemon was defeated.

Izzumi and Poromon