James Ishida he is the adopted son of Matt and Sora. He was a new born when Sora and Matt (Yamato). James is the spitting image of Matt. But he does have a lot of his uncle Tk (Takeru). James was partnered up with a Gabumon just like Matt. James is very sensitive to things. James is now 10 years old like Rika. He and Rika are always making Dan jeolous. This is like Tk, Kari, and Davis. James found out about Digimon at the age of 6. He went into a Digisplit by accident. Then he was attacked by a Kwagamon. But Gabomon can and took him. That is how they became friends. Matt got worried that James was lost. Izzy had said that there were a lot of Digisplots in the world. Matt then had enough so he went into the Digiworld but when he got there laying right in front of him was James and Gabumon. Matt asked James why was he here and James said he found a portal and was attacked by Kwagamon then became friends with Gabumon because it saved his life. Matt hugged his son and then asked Gabumon if he would be James partner. Gabumon said yes and they went home.

James and Matt