Kari and young Lan

Lan Kamiya he is the son of Kari Kamiya. He is very much like his mother. He has Tai's brown hair but very flatten when he was a kid. Lan is in someways very energetic he is partners with a Salamon like his mother. Lan is the third google head in the series. He has brown hair with a red spot in the front. Lan plays basketball with Tk. Lan's first Digimon battle was when he was attacked by a Tuskmon. He and Salamon were going to Aki's house when suddenly a Tuskmon appeared it attacked. Salamon stood its ground. But was flung to the side. Then Lan started yelling at it. Tuskmon payed no attention and went to Salamin. The Lan yelled STOP IT ! And it did after that Salamon started growing and he transformed into Knightmon. With one swing of his blade he was gone. Then Knightmon and Lan decided to go home and tell Kari.

Lan playing basketball