Young Mindy and Izzy



. Mindy Izumi she is the daughter of Izzy Izumi. Like her father she is good with computers. She has brown hair with is unlike her father. Mindy is not a know it all like Izzy. She is very kind and loves to shop. She had a mother but she and Izzy divorced. So her step mom is Mimi. She has one sibling a step brother named Jesse. Jesse is always there for Mindy. Which she is thankful for. Mindy gets hit on by lots of boys including Dan. Mindy is very smart for the age of 10. She helps her father in Digimon research. There are things Mindy knows that even Izzy doesn't know. When Mimi and Jesse had to divorce she made them stay at there house. Izzy and Mimi were very close and Mindy wanted to make them open up there feelings. Over the months Izzy and Mimi had gotten even closer. So had Mindy and Jesse. Mindy talked to her father about Mimi and that's when he confessed. Mindy was then partnered up with a Motimon. After school one day Mindy was rushing home because Izzy said that would be the day he would propose to Mimi and Mindy didn't want to miss it. Jesse already texted her that Mimi was on her way. Then a Flybeemon attacked her. She was lucky she had Montimon was with her. He then Digivloved to Tentomon. He used Electro shocker. It hit Flybeemon but it wasn't effective. Mindy then got mad she didn't have time for this she wanted to see Izzy propose. Then Tentomon started to Digivolve. He Digivloved to a red Kabuterimon. Kabuterimon ended the battle with Electro storm. After that Mkndy got Kabuterimon and rode to the house. She got in then one second later Mimi walked in. Izzy then got on his Knees and proposed. Mimi then kissed him and said Yes. After that Mindy jumped and hugged Jesse.



Mindy and Dan