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New Digidestined with old Digidestined Parents

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Welcome to the New Digidestined WikiEdit

The new Digidestined I'am writing a story about the Old Digidestined kids. Ill tell you about what's going on now. Tai (Taichi) has 2 kids Taiki and Rika. Sora has Divorced Matt (Yamato)and married Tai. Tai and Sora's child is Rika. Matt and Sora's children are Aki and James. Ken and Yoile's children are Izzumi (the oldest) and Kiru and Mika (Kiru and Mika are twins boy and girl. Next Is Izzy he has one daughter named Mindy. After he divorced his wife he married Mimi after she divorced her husband Michel for not caring about her and Jesse. And Izzy now has a step son named Jesse. Cody has a wife and a daughter named Sarah. Joe has a wife and a son named Jason. Davis has a wife and a son named Dan. Tk (Takeru) had a wife but she died of cancer he has one son Tk jr. Kari (Hikari) had a husband but he was shot. Kari then married Tk and they have three kids. Tk jr Tai and Namine. And those are the Digidestined.


Old Digidestoned


New Digidestined getting there Digieggs