Baby Rika


Rika riding Nefertimon

Rika Kamiya she is the daughter of Tai (Taichi) Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi. She is very caring and kind. She loves being with her older brother Taiki Kamiya. She is the spitting image of her aunt Kari. She is partnered with a Calumon. Like her brother she has brown hair. She is 3 years younger than her brother Taiki. She is always flirting and treating Dan like a kid. She is always trying to make Dan jeolous by flirting with Tk. Which is exactly what her aunt did with Davis and Tk. But the truth is she has a crush on both of them. Rika's first Digimon battle is when she was Nine. It was her birthday. The whole family was eating cake. Well it was mostly Tai and Taiki. Koromom, Agumon, Biyomon, and Calumon were there. But as you can guess what digimon were eating, it was Agumon and Koromon. Just then a mist came and it knocked out the whole gang except Rika because she was in the bathroom. When she came out everybody was on the floor. Then she saw him Myotismon. An evil Digimon that fought against the old Digidestsined. Calumon then started fighting . But his attacks were weak. Just then Myotismon started walking to Rika. She stood tall but this got Calumon mad. He then Digivloved to Nefertimon. But it wasn't enough just in time came Tk and her cousins Lan with Agemon and Knightmon . But even that wasn't enough just then Wargreymon, and Greymon came and blasted Myotismon to kingdom come. After that they went to Mimi's for a new cake.