Young Taiki with Tai, Agumon, and Koromon


Taiki and Koromon

13 year old Taiki Kamiya he goes to Odaiba Elemtary. He is the son of Tai (Taichi) Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi. Taiki is everything like his father. He has tai's hair when he was a kid. Taiki is caring, adventurous, naive, and courageous. Taiki's best friends are Aki and Dan. Aki and Taiki are always fighting about silly things. Taiki found out about digimon at the age of three. Also like his father he was partnered up with a Koromon. Taiki doesn't wear goggles like his father. But he does have the crest of courage as a necklace. One day Izzy called up the new Digidestined. He said that they would need a leader so they can fight the darkness. They all said that Taiki should be the leader. He was so happy. He then went home after that he got his Koromon and soccer ball. He had to get a backpack to hide Koromon (because people don't know about digimon yet). Taiki was on the way to the park. Taiki was almost as good as his father in soccer. Taiki also played basketball. Taiki was the star player on both teams. On his way there he heard a roar. Then he saw it, it was SkullGreymon. It was a bad form of Greymon. Tai's Agumon became it once. Tai had said it was a bad thing. Just then Taiki had an idea. Then he said " Koromon digivolve to Agumon and fight".Okay the that pink ball with big flappy ears transformed into a small orange dinosaur. Agumon used Pepper breath. But it had no effect on SkullGreymon. Agumon used claw upper cut and that got SkullGreymin's attention. He then went for Taiki. Taiki screamed AHH. Then Agumon was surrounded by a yellow light and became Greymon. A big Dinosaur that was orange and black. Greymon used Nova Blast which had some effect on SkullGreymon. He got mad and did Double dark shot which made Greymon DeDigivolve to Koromon. Just when they thought it was all over Tai came with WarGreymon. WarGreymon did Terra Force and took out SkullGreymon. Taiki was happy that SkullGreymon but then realized he would be in trouble with his parents. But Tai did something else, he picked up Taiki and hugged him. He said that was a good try. Then Tai gave him the same goggles as Dan's except red. Then they went home.

Young Taiki and Rika


Taiki and Aki


Taiki and Agumon